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November 6, 2012

Great Night For Lee Democrats!

Election Results

Obama wins Florida, 332-206 electoral landslide

11/18:  Allen West (R-FL) does not concede,  awaits recount

President Barack Obama Wins Second Term!

Obama wins 303-206, Florida still out.  Saves Obamacare, Supreme Court

Maggie Hassen (D) elected Governor, soundly beating Ovide Lamontagne

Carol Shea-Porter (D) beats Rep Frank Guinta (R) 50% to 46%

Ann Kuster (D) beats Rep Charlie Bass (R) in NH District 2

New Hampshire State House Flips to Democratic Control!

Roger Menear (D) elected State Rep of Lee/Barrington

Naida Kaen (D) elected State Rep of Lee

Despite loss of 6 seats, Republicans retain control of NH State Senate

Martha Clark (D) easily wins State Senate race

Democrats grab a 3 to 2 majority in NH Executive Council

Chris Pappas (D) wins Executive Council Seat

All three NH ballot questions fail, as Democrats wanted

Dennis Vachon (D) wins Strafford County Register of Deeds

Dems sweep Strafford County Commissioner race:
    Leo Lessard (D), George Maglaras (D) and Robert Watson (D) win

David Dubois (D) elected Strafford County sheriff

Thomas Velardi (D) and (R) elected Strafford County Attorney

Patty Cole (D) elected Strafford County Register of Probate

Pamela Arnold (D) running unopposed presumably wins County Treasurer

Town of Lee announces vote counts.

NH Secretary of State posts election results  (Strafford County offices)

$6 billion spent, nothing changes.  Republicans retain US House, Democrats retain Senate and White House.   Billionaires wonder why they wasted their money.

NH makes US history: NH Governor, 2 Senators, 2 US Reps all women

Maggie Hassen becomes sole female Democratic governor in US

US Senate Composition: 53 Democrats, 45 Republicans, 2 Ind. to caucus with Dems

Bad night for “rape”-ublicans: Todd “legitimate rape” Akin, Richard “God’s will”  Mourdock and Paul “method of conception” Ryan all lose.

Tea Party losers: Frank Guinta, Joe Walsh, Allen West, Dan Lungren.
  Michele Bachmann ekes out a win.  Steve King wins.  Guess Dems can’t win ’em all.

Tammy Baldwin becomes the first openly gay US Senator ever elected

Nashua elects first openly transgendered lawmaker in the US  (Union Leader)

Marijuana legalization and marriage equality initiatives win across country

This looks like a pretty clean sweep for our side.  

Thanks to all the voters who made the effort to vote despite the obstacles, and to all the volunteers and staff who worked so hard to make this night possible.    Congratulations to all the candidates who’ve won.

We’re going to let this be the home page for a while until we go back to business as usual.

Election Day Home Page

United States President

Barack Obama

New Hampshire Governor

Maggie Hassan

US House  NH First District

Carol Shea-Porter

State Executive Council District 4

Chris Pappas

State Senate District 21

Martha Fuller Clark

State Rep. Strafford District 5 (Lee)

Naida Kaen

State Rep. Strafford District 25 (Barrington/Lee)

Roger Menear

Strafford County Commissioners

Leo Lessard, Milton
George Maglaras, Dover
Robert Watson,Rochester

Strafford County Register of Deeds

Dennis P. Vachon

Strafford County Sheriff

David Dubois

Strafford County Attorney

Thomas Velardi

Strafford County Treasurer

Pamela Arnold

Strafford Country Register of Probate

Patty Cole

Democratic Candidates in Lee, NH
Every Democrat won on November 6, 2012

Updated 11/18/2012