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      November 4, 2014 Election Results

New Hampshire was a bit of a bright spot in a difficult night nationally
for Democrats.  Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to bring about
a very good night for top Democrats running in our state.  Republicans
racked up wins in the NH Senate and NH House.

The hardest thing about tonight for us was the loss of Carol Shea-Porter
to Frank Guinta.  We are just so proud of Carol for standing by her beliefs,
running an honest and uncorrupted campaign against a barrage of lies.
We are grateful for Rep. Shea-Porter’s service so far, and really hope there
is more of it in the future.  Save your signs.

Here are the headlines from Lee, NH:

Maggie Hassan (D) reelected Governor of New Hampshire

Jeanne Shaheen (D) defeats Scott Brown (R) to retain US Senate Seat

Carol Shea-Porter (D) concedes to Frank Guinta (R) in US House NH-1

Annie Kuster (D) reelected to US House Seat NH-2

US Senate: Republicans gain control, 52 seats for certain, possibly 54.

US House: Republicans hold historic majority, 250 - 185 seats (approx.)

Chris Pappas (D) reelected District 4 (includes Lee) Executive Councilor

Colin Van Ostern (D) reelected District 2 E.C. (includes Durham and Madbury)

Executive Council shifts to Republican control, 3 - 2.

Martha Fuller Clark (D) reelected to NH Senate District 21 (includes Lee)

David Watters (D) reelected to NH Senate District 4 (includes Durham)

Republicans retain NH Senate, increase majority from 13 - 11 to 14 - 10,
maybe 15 - 9.

State Senate District 7, Democrat leads 9,542 - 9,411

Republicans capture NH House.

Naida Kaen (D), unopposed, reelected as Lee State Rep

Joe Hannon (R) beats Roger Menear (D) by 114 votes for Lee/Barrington State Rep

David Dubois (D) reelected Strafford County Sheriff, beats Cliven Bundy’s former head of security Jerry Delemus (R)

Thomas Velardi (D), unopposed, elected Strafford County Attorney

Pamela J. Arnold (D), unopposed, elected Strafford County Treasurer

Catherine Berube (D) bests Wayne Estes (R) for Strafford County Register of Deeds

No one on the ballot for Strafford County Register of Probate

Strafford County Commissioners Robert Watson (D), Leo Lessard (D)
and George Maglaras (D), all unopposed, reelected

Silver lining: Democrats get another coat of shellac, but liberalism wins big:
        Personhood loses in Colorado and North Dakota
        Marijuana legalized in D.C., Oregon and Alaska
        Minimum wage raised in Arkansas, Illinois, Nebraska, San Francisco
        Washington State closes gun show background check loophole

Election results from WMUR.

Nov 5, 2014


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